Creating freakin’ amazing weddings is our jam. We love Bali. We love love. So, we bring them together and watch the magic happen.

Every member of our team has been involved in Bali weddings in some capacity, whether it’s planning, marketing, catering, or venue management, for years – you could say we’ve seen it all.

From the minute you start researching getting married in Bali, we’re here to help take the hard work out and put the excitement in. Our aim is to make the whole process easy, clear, and fun, so you can relax and enjoy the biggest adventure of your life!



Because there’s nothing more stressful than not knowing exactly what you’re getting, or how much it’ll cost.


Communication is everything. When you’re planning a huge life event, in another country, you need prompt answers to your question.


We’re in this because we love helping people, and we love being a part of such important celebrations. We give 110% to our clients because we couldn’t work any other wav.


We get it. You have a question, but you’re scared to ask for fear you’ll get stuck in a long awkward preassurised sales process. We’re not into that. We love answering all your questions, and if you don’t book with us – that’s ok!


About Us 1



Tom is our straight-talking, fast-talking and brilliant Boss. He might look fancy but he is super grounded… tells bad Dad jokes, and his favourite job ever as a younger person was running the composting toilets at a huge music festival in Australia – literally just organising how best to manage people’s err… sh*t. So many good shit stories apparently…

But in all seriousness, he ran a hugely successful cafe, catering business and wedding business in Melbourne for many years. And now he’s choosing to grow a new wedding company in Bali, so he can escape Melbourne winter every now and then and come for “team meetings” on the beach.

He can’t live without: coffee 

His favourite moment of a wedding: The big crescendo at the end when the celebrant announces the couple are now officially married, and there’s this huge emotional release after all the quietness and seriousness of the ceremony, and everyone can just cheer, yell and cry.

Fave food: Cornflakes and honey

About Us 2



Talitha left her 9-to-5 in Australia’s pharmaceutical industry over 8 years ago to travel the world. After a pitstop in Bali, a chance meeting with a wedding planner, and the courage to say yes, she redirected her epic Project Management skills to organising weddings and the rest is history.

With the attention to detail you’d expect from a seasoned Project Manager, Talitha has every tiny detail covered, twice. And when a couple came to her after their wedding plans fell through, she turned around an entire wedding for 50 guests in two weeks. Imagine what she can do for you in a year…

About Us 3



ATHA – With a career dedicated to events, Atha has worked with many of Bali’s venues, food & beverage businesses, and private villa properties. Early in his career at a private villa rental, Atha quickly impressed Wedding Organisers liaising with him for wedding bookings, and soon enough he was poached by one of Bali’s biggest wedding planning companies. We are very very grateful to have his experience on the team

MARIA – Maria comes to Bali Love after years spent working as a Personal Assistant to a children’s clothing brand entrepreneur. She absolutely loves being a Personal Assistant, and becoming that one person that you can trust with anything. With her first class admin skills, she is our team’s Accounting Guru.

About Us 4



Bagus worked for an international corporate events business for 10 years, and saw them grow from less than 5 employees to hundreds! He is an absolute pro, there is nothing we can’t throw at him.

He loves working at Bali Love because our team has such big heart. He says, “It’s the best feeling in the world to see how happy our couples are on their wedding day. After all the hard work, making people happy is the biggest reward.” 

He can’t live without: his family, and helping his community in Lombok where he is from.

His favourite moment of a wedding: when I see the bride and groom smile, so I know we’ve done our job well.

Fave food: everything his wife cooks!

About Us 5



Lily is a seasoned Wedding Planner who’s worked weddings in some of the most luxurious resorts on the island, with a black book of Bali’s finest wedding suppliers… we’re so lucky to have her. She started a career in finance after graduating, but even though she was exceptional at it – she found it too boring and she decided that a job in wedding planning would be fun. She never looked back and we’re SO grateful.

She can’t live without: her daughter Zelia! She can’t remember what her life was like without her.

Her favourite moment of a wedding: when the couple says their vows to each other, and the speeches! “We get so close to our couples throughout the planning process, and it’s so amazing to see and feel their love for each other on their wedding day.”

Fave food: Salad… she loves vegetables!

About Us 6



She’s a natural wedding planner, super organised, an events pro. And her personal passion in life is philosophy, having deep conversations with friends, and reading books about different perspectives on life, searching for life’s great purpose, (or is there a purpose??). Ask Yunita and get stuck into a two hour conversation about it, it’ll be fun! Her deep thinking, listening and heart feeling sensibility means she knows how important all the tiniest of details are for your perfect day.

She can’t live without: Books, and her dog Kuppa!

Her favourite moment of a wedding: Watching the day roll out perfectly, the crescendo of over a year of planning, seeing it become real – “it’s magic”.

Fave food: Nasi goreng (fried rice) with egg – but has to be street style. Not a restaurant nasi goreng… no thanks.

About Us 7



Previously a concierge “Experience Guru” at the gorgeous Anantara Seminyak, Junni gives our couples that 5-star service you would expect. She loves having chats to people from all over the world, a social butterfly, she’ll be your guests favourite go-to Bali Love Trip Planner for all their Bali wishlist reservations and excursions.

She can’t live without: her baby boy! Zion is her first baby and she’s loving watching him discover something new every day.

Her favourite moment of a wedding: She loves listening to the vows the best, they are so sacred and personal to every single couple.

Fave food: Mie! Fried chicken! Lalapan! Chinese food!

About Us 8



Dewita has worked for 15 years as a personal assistant and Villa Manager. She started to work as a freelancer at weekends to support wedding planning companies when they hire extra staff for wedding days, and she realised that it was the dream job for her. Welcome to the team Dewita, now live out your dream as a full time Wedding Planner – go go!

She can’t live without: relaxing “me time”, travelling and baking.

Her favourite moment of a wedding: watching the bride walk down the aisle with their father – she cries every time.

Fave food: Bakso

About Us 9



Before life at Bali Love, Ary worked in live music events, organising rock music events for Malboro and other brands, in venues all over Bali. Fun fact – He was also a vocalist in a hardcore band when he was younger! Ask Ary for local rock band recommendations if you want a wedding band that’s a little more punk, less pop…

He can’t live without: travelling. “My favourite trip ever was to this tiny island south of Lombok, I don’t remember the name of it (we don’t believe him for a minute!), but only groups of 5 people are allowed to go there, and it’s amazing.”

His favourite moment of a wedding: when the couple exchange their rings and kiss. It’s so romantic.

Fave food: nasi goreng or any local food

About Us 10



Bram organised events at University and has been working in events ever since he graduated. He is a naturally confident people person, an essential member of your wedding team on the big day, making sure all vendors (and guests!) are where they are meant to be.

He was new to the wedding world when he joined the team, and he never expected it would be more fun than working at nightlife events for an alcohol brand, but he is absolutely loving it! 

He can’t live without: Playing guitar, watching movies & TV. He just finished watching You on Netflix and apparently you HAVE to watch it. 

His fave moment of a wedding: As a newbie to the world of weddings when he joined the Bali Love team, he absolutely loved the Mother-of-the-bride speech at his first Bali Love wedding. It made him so emotional, which he didn’t expect at all.

Fave food: nasi goreng with omelette