Villa Weddings

The Pros and Cons of Villa Weddings

Villa weddings are bound to come up when you’re researching getting married in Bali. Here’s an honest look at the real pros & cons of villas, so you can decide if a villa wedding is right for you.


🙂  Unlike a resort, a villa is just for you – no tourists getting drunk and sunburnt nearby as you exchange vows! Having the entire villa to yourself is one of the key benefits of a villa wedding, after all, getting married is an incredibly intimate and personal moment that’s best shared with the people who you’ve actually invited.

🙁 Some villas aren’t as private as they look. Certain villas seem great but are actually right next to another villa, so there could be loud music or the noise of another celebration just at the beautiful, breathtaking moment you walk down the aisle – not ideal! It definitely pays to do your research and ask a trusted planner about the privacy of a villa you are considering for your wedding.


🙂 When you book a villa, you’re booking the bedrooms so you get the accommodation as well as the venue. Not only does this mean you don’t have to pay for other accommodation, but you can enjoy hanging out with friends or family who can stay at the villa with you.

🙁 Minimum night stays mean you have the setup and/or pack down happening while you’re there. This is something to definitely be aware of – if you’re banking on a beautiful relaxing time, remember that for at least one of those days you’re going to have staff everywhere setting up lighting, bringing in furniture, testing sound etc. So long as you have a private space to retreat to for getting ready it doesn’t have to be a problem, but it’s important to keep in mind!


🙂 Villas are costly (see below!) but can be value for money once you factor in the inclusions, especially the fact you are getting the accommodation and so can have others who will also be at staying at the villa help to share the cost.

🙁 There’s no denying villa weddings are pricey. This isn’t just because the nightly rate, minimum night stays and associated event fees add up fast, but because you normally need to spend more on hiring furniture, generators and commercial kitchen equipment, as villas aren’t actually designed to have all the necessities that a venue would normally provide.


🙂 Many villas are 5-star so you experience incredible luxury during your stay. Who doesn’t want to experience living like a celebrity during their wedding week!

🙁 Choose wisely, some may look great online but be poorly maintained in reality. This is one of the more frustrating things about villas and a bit of a (literally) dirty secret. Just cos the photos look ah-mazing doesn’t make it so in reality, and we’ve seen too many grotty and falling apart supposedly ‘luxury’ villas to believe everything we see in photos! Once again, it pays to ask someone in the know about a villa you’re considering so you can get the full picture.