7 Steps to Planning Your Bali Wedding

Help! How Do I Plan My Wedding in Bali?

Bali wedding planning Getting married in Bali is incredibly exciting – after all, it’s basically an amazing tropical holiday with all your favourite people, a massive celebration and a honeymoon all in one! But once you start thinking about the logistics and details, and it can also feel a bit daunting. Where to start?!

As with any big task, breaking it down into smaller manageable ‘bites’ is the best way to approach it. Not only does it give you achievable steps, it gives you small wins along the way – progressing through and ticking things off is much more fun than feeling like you’re mired in one enormous challenge! We’ve broken it down into seven steps to help you get an idea of how planning your wedding in Bali can be done easily, with the minimum of stress and the maximum of fun.

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Think clearly about what kind of wedding you want. Beachy?  Elegant? Clifftop? Simple? Lavish? Having a clear idea in your mind of what style suits you helps to narrow things down. If you want an intimate, boho wedding, you won’t waste time looking at a lavish resort with glass chapel and all bells and whistles.

Take some time to think about, in an ideal world, how many guests you’d invite, how much you’d spend, and even how you want the entire week of your wedding to feel.

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Research wedding planners. Unlike a wedding at home, it is absolutely essential to have a good wedding planner when planning a destination wedding. They are worth their weight in gold and then some!

Not only is a wedding planner someone who can take care of everything on the ground which you are physically incapable of doing unless you spend the 6-12 months before the wedding in Bali, they also have invaluable local knowledge and relationships with the best suppliers.

Bali is a wonderful place to get married for so many reasons, but like anywhere it comes with it’s own quirks and ways of doing things. From the fact that it’s not customary to quote prices with all taxes and fees included, to the system of local government that influences all aspects of what you can do in a certain location, it’s absolutely critical to have someone who understands it all and can advocate on your behalf.

Look for a planner who has great reviews, and possibly someone who has planned weddings with a similar aesthetic to the style you have in mind.

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Research wedding venues. Your venue will dictate what other things you need to consider, and the suppliers you’ll use. Having narrowed down the style you want makes this a bit easier. Bali can be broadly categorised as beach, jungle or clifftop. Cliffs are exclusively located around the Bukit Peninsula in Southwest Bali, Ubud and areas inland give you jungle and places like Canggu and Nusa Dua are famous for beaches, so this can help put a geographic area around your search.

Also consider whether you like the idea of a resort where your guests can stay on site, enjoy the amenities of spas, bars, beach clubs etc or if you have in mind something more private like an exclusive venue or a private villa.

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Photographers and videographers are the other key element of a wedding that is particularly prone to booking out far in advance. Chances are your planner will be able to recommend great local photographers – Bali is blessed with some excellent photographers and videographers. You can also research them on sites like ours, or directories like Build My Bali Wedding. 

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Select your date. Obviously it helps if you have some idea of when you want to get married at the start, but it can help to not have the actual exact date set until you choose your planner and venue – being flexible on dates can get you a better deal and means you won’t be disappointed if you fall in love with a venue only to find they are fully booked on that date. Certain venues, villas in particular, will be booked for days either side of the wedding too, so flexibility is key. Even if you spot a great special on flights, don’t book them until you’ve narrowed down venue, planner and date first. Saving a couple of hundred dollars on flights isn’t much good if the flights get you there at an unsuitable time!  

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Consider your accommodation. Given you will likely have a group of people it’s worth finding somewhere you can recommend to your guests, and negotiate a discount for them. Many accommodation providers will do a special deal if you’re bringing them lots of people for a few nights.

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Work with your Bali wedding planner on the details such as styling, catering and entertainment. If you go with a resort there’s a good chance a lot of these elements will be included in a package, or if you go with a venue or villa then you may need to organise more things. Either way, your planner will be a life-saver here – a good planner will listen to the things you have in mind, and make recommendations. Bali is such a great destination that there are heaps of great options for food, styling, entertainment and anything else you could want, so it’s just a matter of working with a planner you trust to select the suppliers who suit your vision.

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So there you have it – the step-by-step rundown of where to start with planning your wedding. Knowledge is power, and simply knowing what the process looks like is empowering and (we hope!) helps you to feel excited and in control. After all, this is an incredibly exciting and meaningful time in your life, not to mention the best party you’ll ever throw!

Of course, if you have any questions just shoot it through via Facebook Messenger or shoot us an email. We’re here to help make planning your wedding in Bali as easy, if not more, than having it at home.