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Bali.Love is here to make planning your Bali wedding simple.

With Bali.Love wedding planning, you get your own dedicated wedding planner to take care of the important tasks and to guide you through the process, plus the benefit of the entire extended planning and operational team. So, take a big breath in, and let it all go – it’s time to stop stressing, and start planning.

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About the Bali.Love wedding planning service

Why do I need a wedding planner?

  We’re glad you asked! Planning a destination wedding can feel like it involves a million different tasks and answering questions you’ve never considered before, and it easily becomes overwhelming. But with the right support, the process becomes clear.                                                      Think about it – most likely, the maximum number of weddings you’ve ever planned hovers somewhere in the realm of zero. Contrast that with the Bali.Love planning team whose decades of experience equates to thousands of weddings planned. We’ve got this!

Get the benefit of experience on your side.

  Aside from saving your sanity, there’s a strong practical reason to engage a planner – in any given wedding, there are dozens of suppliers who must be booked and coordinated for everything to go smoothly.                                                                                          While this is a piece of cake to a planner who knows all the suppliers individually, for a couple in another country it’s hard to know when you need to book key suppliers (and there’s nothing worse than suddenly realising all the good photographers are already booked out for your wedding date). Plus, simply sending off deposits overseas and hoping for the best generally isn’t a recipe for a stress-free planning experience!

Questions about planning your wedding?

Book a free wedding planning consultation with one of our experienced wedding planners. They'll be able to answer all your questions, and you can get a sense for whether you'd like to work with us!
The consultation is absolutely free of charge and obligation (we're not into awkward sales processes and pressure - just honest, friendly help).

What does my planner actually do?

  Your planner is your go-to person during the planning process, your eyes and ears on the ground in Bali, your sounding board for ideas, and guide to everything from choosing a makeup artist to timing of speeches.                                                                                  As you organise your wedding step by step, your planner fills you in on key suppliers that need to be booked, and decisions that need to be made along the way. Then closer to the day, your wedding planner creates your runsheet, organises operational meetings with everyone (from the caterers to the entertainment) and runs your rehearsal once you arrive in Bali. And this is all before you get to the actual wedding day! 

Your team leader.

  On the day,  your wedding team is made up of your planner, the bride and groom’s assistants, the usher, and the driver. The bride and groom each have an assistant on the day to help with getting ready – making sure everyone has what they need, organising any last minute things that arise (there’s always something that comes up at the eleventh hour!), helping to keep you calm and relaxed so you can enjoy the day.                                                                               The usher  welcomes the guests,  guides everyone to the right places at the right time, and the driver will pick you up from your accommodation and is on standby just in case.

The glue that binds.

Through it all, your planner is there behind the scenes working hard to create an effortless flow of events. Whether she’s making sure the MC knows what to do, directing the DJ where to set up, checking that the florist has the flowers completed on time, or working with the nannies to ensure the kids have everything they need, your planner is the glue that binds the wedding together – your secret weapon, close confidant and ninja problem solver all in one.

Meet Helmi, Bali.Love senior wedding planner

  Helmi has been planning weddings in Bali for ten years, she’s highly respected by everyone in the industry, and the living embodiment of the phrase ‘love what you do.’ Weddings are Helmi’s passion. She’s not only extremely experienced, but her fierce professional pride means she goes above and beyond for her couples, and her enthusiastic attitude and enthusiasm are infectious.                                                                                                

Here's what Helmi's previous couples have to say...

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Most frequently asked questions and answers.

The average is 10%, but it really depends on what you’re after. Once you’ve booked you’ll get access to all the insider special offers and deals that we arrange from time to time with our favourite suppliers. 

For example – if we are meeting with a photographer and we know that lots of brides want to book them, we’ll often negotiate a better price and pass that on to you. 

Of course! It’s super important that you feel really comfortable with your planner. We’d love to chat with you and we make it super easy to chat with us.

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No you don’t! There are so many parts of a wedding that, unless you’re choosing a package, it wouldn’t be possible to choose everything before you book. You’d virtually have to plan your whole wedding first! 

The main decisions you need to make are you date, and whether you want to work with us. Our aim is to provide you with all the info you need to help you make that decision, including heaps of images of real weddings, transparent pricing, and answering any questions you might have so know if we’re right for you.

Paying suppliers individually can be super annoying – they all charge differently, in either Indonesian Rupiah or US Dollars, some include taxes in their prices, others don’t, and they all require different deposits and payment terms. 

We make payments easy – booking your suppliers through Bali.Love means we handle all the payments for you, in Australian or US Dollars, depending on your preferred currency. We handle all the taxes and charges, deposit and final payments. 

Best of all, you’re covered under Australian Consumer Law when you book through Bali.Love, so you have proper protections in place just like if you were booking your wedding at home.